Thursday, 13 August 2015

...if I could go Camping and Trekking with my Pooch!

There are Life Goals and then there are Travel Goals. For some travel goals is about travelling to every continent or biking it across continents or summiting the highest of the mountains. For me one of my most cherished travel goals has been to get into a car with a dog and travel to wherever the road may take me and camp on every kind of landscape or terrain. Or simply go hiking with him and snuggle in our tents under the billion stars. Or maybe just chill on the beach and watch sunsets together.

Instagram is full of dogs feeds or travel feeds but my favourite Instagram account campingwithdogs gets both dogs and travel together and feeds my dreams with images of just that.

So if I ever go out camping and trekking with my pooch, this is how it would look...or so I hope!

Get outdoor and walk trails ...and make him carry his own pack!

Literally climb mountains...over pretty yellow flowers...sing songs too..

...get him so tired that even the smell of the shoes doesn't affect his snooze!

set up a camp by the bubbly river and crash..

...make him walk some more in some matching fancy shoes!

Reach the summit and celebrate by exchanging kisses! 

...then get back to camp and snuggle up some more....

figure out new trails and see him pretend to understand it all!
explore beautiful spots together and share some silent talks..

take photographs by the lake just to be photo-bombed by him!

....snuggle more....

see him toast his buns by the camp fire...

....and then wake up to sweet slobbery kisses!!

...coz everyday is funday, so we snuggle some more. All of us snuggle, more. 

go out paddling with him and let the wind run through our hair 

tell him stories ...while he listens intently

leave our heart in the mountains and head to the beach...

listen to the waves and play around the whole day

...and then sit by the beach, plan new trips and watch sunsets together!
1.        I bet after seeing these posts you would also want to grab your snuggle-bum and get out now!! :D

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