Friday, 13 December 2013

Comic: INVICTUS- A tribute to Nelson Mandela (1918- 2013)

A revolutionary, a leader and an inspiration, Nelson Mandela’s death was a great loss for everyone the world over! He will be remembered as a man who led by example and showed us what is meant by facing your fears and still going on strong with courage and an indestructible soul.

He was the true INVICTUS!

Today I learnt that Nelson Mandela and me also have something in common, our favourite poem; INVICTUS- by William Henley. I first read this poem about 2 years back through one of the post by zenpencils( Since then it has continued to inspire whenever life knocked me down.

My joy knew no bounds when zenpecils(one of my favourite comic artist) made the adaptation of INVICTUS(one of my favourite poem) into Nelson Mandela’s struggle(who is one of my favourite personality).
I totally loved the adaptation(complete justice to the man) and I am sure anyone who reads this would love the poem as much as I do!

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

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