Thursday, 2 January 2014

Jimmy Choo shoe VERSUS Quechua Hiking Boots

I admit, I love the smell of new shoes and I am a perpetual shoe-o-holic!

My current shoe count is about 30(no apologies) and I have shoes for all occasion. Stilettos for parties, boots(flat, platform, heeled) for the winters, jhootis for the Indian attire, flats, pumps & loafers for daily wear, formal sandals for office, flip flops for all those beachy trips, sport shoes for my once-in- a- year trip to the gym or walks etc.

Sometimes when I flip through a fancy lifestyle magazine and see Jimmy Choo shoes, I swoon over! But a quick glance of their price... and hello reality! Did you just say that those flimsy sexy shoes cost 10k!  Sure I would love to own a pair but no I can never get myself to buy shoes that are THAT expensive.

But then one day, while at Decathalon, I saw these hiking boots at the Men’s section, and my god, it was LOVE at first sight! I bought them immediately and they are till date the most expensive shoes I have ever bought; a 9000 buck QUECHUA men’s hiking shoes. It is the costliest, sturdiest, handsomest shoe I have ever possessed!

Price apart let me tell you, they are totally worth it. Since I purchased them, I have been on two treks, one to the Tigers nest Monastery in Bhutan(7 hours trek up and down) and to the Double Decker Living Root bridges in Meghalaya(9 hours trek down up down up etc), but these shoes have been the most comfortable thing ever. It doesn't slip and I am not scared of twisting my ankles while clambering over some rocky trails. They have been my real support and you know they look good too! I have seen guys letching and drooling over them! *True story*

So if ever, at gunpoint, I am asked to choose between any Jimmy Choo kind of shoe or a Quechua boot, it will definitely be my expensive hiking boot!

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