Thursday, 2 January 2014

A day in the 'City of Joy'- Calcutta

Nobody gets up early in Calcutta(Kolkata). So I start my day by around 10 AM when the city is just about stirring and kick starting. My agenda for the day- Shopping & Eating!(it isn't called the 'City of Joy' for nothing!
  •  To start with hop into one of the yellow taxis..

  •  Ask him to take you to New Market aka Hogg Market via Victoria memorial

  • Reach New Market- a shopper’s paradise

  • Get into New 'New' market side and shop for shoes till you drop. Bargain well and you can get shoes for as cheap as 400 bucks, really nice classy looking ones too! *Trust me*

  • Take a break and head towards Nahoum’s bakery, the 111 years old Jewish bakery in Calcutta
  • Order some cakes and chicken puffs while pushing the crowd away with your elbows

  • Roam around the tiny lanes until you find Chamba Lamba- a Tibetan trinkets store established in 1958.

  • Owned by Tshering Yangki, here you can shop for silver and semi precious stone jewellery

  • Then make your mom pay for it...

  • Once she has paid, distract her with Calcutta’s famous kathi roll(two Double chicken Double egg roll in my mom’s case) 

  • Sit tight and eat while you watch the art of making this gluttonous piece of beauty....

  • From here take a tram and walk down twards Prinsep ghat

  • Here you can watch the train go by, sails past by and vehicles zoom by as you stand and just chill until dusk disappears into the night 

  • Take a taxi again to Park street, again via Victoria memorial(because this monument is just so beautiful) 
  • Go to Bar-B-Q, Park Street and dine on some fantabulous Chinese dinner. And be very happy about it, because it is worth it!(be prepared for a long wait to get your seat)

  •  Before heading home, stop for a quick roadside matki masala chai 

  •  Head back home, again via Victoria memorial, because...... you know why! 

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  1. I like the one in the shoe shop..too many options..the mirror multiplies the indecision.